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$6 per user per month
Unlimited Users
The best training solution for startups of 2-10.
The PAX Library of Courses
Weekly Refresher Training
Access On Any Internet Ready Device
Real-time Reporting
Custom Welcome Page
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Limo Anywhere customers, join PAX and save $120 off the one-time sign up fee.

PAX Training – The slick combination of technology, customized training, and experiential do’s and don’ts. Premier counts on PAX! You should too!

Eric Devlin,

President | Premier Transportation | Dallas, Texas

Why do I love PAX Training?

  1. I have a customizable, on demand training system that grows with my diversified business.
  2. Regular re-occurring training is easier than ever now.
  3. The PAX team provides amazing customer service.

Charlie Grimm,

CEO | BAC Transportation | Anchorage, Alaska

Jorge Sanchez
For us PAX Training has just been instrumental in helping us with making our training consistent, repeatable and reliable. It gives us the confidence that no matter how much turn over we have, no matter how many new people we add to the team, we are able to make sure everyone is up to par.

Jorge Sanchez,

Co-Founder | Hermes Worldwide | Denver, Colorado

Shawn Abaspor
PAX Training is a comprehensive and essential course that our chauffeurs must pass successfully before they are approved to join our Team of Professional Chauffeurs

Shawn Abaspor,

President & CEO | Vitesse Worldwide | Stamford, Connecticut

How Does PAX Work?

In 3 easy Steps…

Add Users

Step 1: Add your users to the PAX Training System by entering their name and email in our simple and easy to use admin section. PAX will even allow you to create groups that makes organizing your users quick and easy.

Assign Courses

Step 2: Assign your users the training courses you would like them to take. The system will automatically send the user an email letting them know they have been assigned a new course.

Check Results

Step 3: View your reports to see how your users did. The system will show you how long they spent on each course and all their test scores. It will also keep a detailed record of this information.


No-Risk 30 day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that your PAX Startup or Company Membership will change the way you train, that we 100% guarantee it for 30 days. That’s a full month to get to use and know your PAX Membership. It really is that simple. Start training with PAX and use it risk free for a full 30 days.

Some restrictions apply please see our terms of service for details

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One-time Setup Fee
$6 per user per month
Unlimited Users
The best training solution for startups of 2-10.
The PAX Library of Courses
Weekly Refresher Training
Access On Any Internet Ready Device
Real-time Reporting
Custom Welcome Page
Listing in PAX Company Directory


Can I upgrade my PAX membership?
Yes! You can upgrade your PAX membership at anytime by phone or email.
Do all my drivers need to be active in PAX?
Yes. In order to get the most out of PAX and for your company to be considered PAX Certified, all of your drivers need to be PAX Certified and completing weekly training.
When will I be charged for my monthly for my users fees?
Your card will be charged within the first 3 business days of each month based on the number of active users during the previous month.
How long does it take to get access to PAX so I can get started?
You will be able to login to your account immediately, however it can take up to 24 hours to activate all the features of your membership.
What devices are needed to use PAX?
You can use any smart internet-ready device with a web browser.
How long does it take a to complete the training courses?
This will vary depending on what you assign. On average each course should take about 20-40 minutes to complete. The on going weekly training should take them less than 10 minutes per week.
Why do I need PAX Training?
Your team can be your greatest asset or your biggest liability – your best marketing agents or your biggest source of embarrassment. Your team single-handedly determine your clients’ perception of you and your company. They ultimately represent your brand and company culture by making or breaking your company’s image with each and every customer interaction. By investing in your team with PAX you can ensure your team has the knowledge and tools they need to help grow your business and keep customers coming back for more.
Why PAX?
PAX is Latin for “Peace”. Our axiom is Anime Pacem or “Peace of Mind”. The overarching mission of PAX Training is to provide your team the mindset and tools to provide everyone “PEACE of MIND”. This includes not only their passenger, but also their dispatcher, fellow employees, you the owner, pedestrians, other drivers on the road; everyone they would come in contact with throughout their workday. They have the power and ability to affect and influence so many; make it positive!
Who created PAX Training?
PAX Training was founded by Ritz Carlton Hotel and Ground transportation industry veteran Bruce Heinrich. After working at the Ritz Carlton in Marina del Rey, Bruce was an Executive Chauffeur in Los Angeles before moving back to his hometown of Kansas City and starting LEADER Worldwide with a borrowed car and a cell phone. Renown for its’ excellent service, his company won several service awards. Seeing a lack of training in the industry Bruce founded PAX Training. With the help of industry experts, associations and its members, PAX is able to maintain an extensive Library of Courses.
How quickly can I get my team get PAX Certified?
Employees are typically able to complete a series of trainings in the PAX Library of Courses within a day. Courses also do not have to be completed in one sitting so users are able to leave a course at any time and return to the location where they left off.
Do all my Drivers need to be PAX Certified?
In order to display the PAX Professional Certification Badge on your web-site or any of your marketing materials, you are required to Train, Test & Certify your entire team of drivers as well as have them stay current with on-going training. More importantly, keeping all your drivers certified and current with their on-going training reduces your exposure to risk, liability and incidents from an inadequately trained team.
Can I import my own material or create courses?
Yes, with a PAX Company Membership you can easily incorporate your company’s proprietary policies, procedures and training information. This allows your organization to efficiently educate and train your team in your way of doing business: including your in-house DO’s and DON’Ts along with your local procedures and how you distinguish your business from the competition. If you already have a PAX Membership you can upgrade your existing membership to a Company Membership in order to gain access to this feature.
Should I require my affiliates to be PAX Certified?
Yes, invest in both your own “Peace of Mind” and that of your passengers when you Farm Out and Expand your Brand! By using the PAX Members Directory you can ensure that whether in London, New York, or Los Angeles and all points in between, you are placing your valuable clients in the hands of an affiliate that places the same value on training that you do!

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