PAX Training, a leading provider of customizable, on-demand training solutions for the passenger transportation industry, is excited to announce its new partnership as the Preferred Training Partner of The Transportation Alliance within the TTA Member Value Program (MVP), offering unparalleled training opportunities to TTA members.

“I wholeheartedly commend the efforts of PAX Training in advancing the standards and expertise within the realm of passenger transportation,” said Bill Yuhnke, President of The Transportation Alliance. “Their commitment to providing comprehensive training programs ensures that drivers not only meet but exceed industry expectations in safety, customer service, and regulatory compliance. With their dedication to excellence, they play a pivotal role in shaping a more proficient and reliable workforce, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of passenger transportation services.”

Under this partnership, TTA members will enjoy a 30% discount on the initial membership cost for PAX Startup & PAX Company Memberships, giving them access to a comprehensive library of ready-to-use training courses on the PAX Training Platform. Those opting to join as Company members will also have the ability to create their own courses to use alongside existing PAX Training courses and will have the option to brand the platform with their logo.

“We are thrilled to join forces with The Transportation Alliance,” said James Blain, President of PAX Training. “This partnership underlines our shared commitment to developing a highly skilled and service-oriented workforce. Our goal is to make high-quality training both accessible and affordable for all TTA members, empowering them to exceed the expectations of their passengers and clients.”

TTA members are encouraged to leverage this unique offering by visiting PAX Training’s TTA Member Page at PAXTraining.com/TTA. For those looking to join The Transportation Alliance and benefit from the PAX Training partnership and other TTA member benefits, more information is available on TTA’s Join Us Page at TheTransportationAlliance.org/join-us.

About PAX Training:

PAX Training provides state-of-the-art, customizable training solutions for the passenger transportation industry, aiming to improve service quality, employee morale, and operational profitability.

About The Transportation Alliance:

The Transportation Alliance is a leading non-profit trade association for the private passenger transportation industry, committed to promoting the interests and welfare of its members since 1917.

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