The PAX Library of Courses is the ultimate tool to help you train, test and certify your team. Our courses cover everything from driving safety all the way to advanced customer service and everything in between. Our courses will help set your company apart and ensure your team is always performing at their best.


Included With All Memberships
Chauffeur Pre-Hire

Core Safety & Service

Included With All Memberships
Defensive Driving
Knowing Your Vehicle
Customer Service
Diesel Vehicles
Hours of Service
Electric Vehicles

Advanced Safety & Service

Included With All Memberships
Advanced Driving Safety
Advanced Customer Service
Advanced Personal Presentation

Ongoing Safety & Service Training

Included With All Memberships
Keys To Success
(Every Monday)

Ongoing weekly training is key to ensuring that drivers are at their peak performance in serving passengers, driving safely and avoiding accidents & incidents. It also shows your team that you care about their development and are investing in their success!

Chauffeured Services

Included with all memberships
Chauffeur Certification
Chauffeur Human Trafficking Awareness & Prevention
FBO Procedures
7-Minute Detail


Included With All Memberships
Pre & Post Trip Inspections
Motorcoach Safety
360° Driving™
Knowing Your Motorcoach
Coming Soon
Motorcoach Customer Service
Coming Soon
Motorcoach Human Trafficking Recognition & Reporting
ADA Procedures
Lavatory Procedures
Coming Soon

Management & Office Staff

Available As Membership Add-Ons
The Limousine Operators Essential Guide to Hire, Train and Retain Chauffeurs
Customer Service Representative Certification
Dispatcher Certification

Entry-Level Driver Training Theory

Part of the PAX Complete ELDT Program and Available Per-Driver
Class B CDL Theory
Passenger Endorsement Theory