7-Minute Detail

Mastering the art of the "7-Minute Detail" will ensure your chauffeurs and their vehicles leave a lasting impression on every passenger. This course is designed to teach chauffeurs the quick, efficient techniques for presenting a pristine vehicle. From exterior care to interior freshness, they will learn how to enhance the passenger experience in just seven minutes. This structured approach prioritizes cleanliness and safety and instills a sense of luxury and attention to detail that VIP clients expect, ensuring each client steps into a vehicle that feels exclusively prepared for them.
Time to Complete
20 minutes
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Required Membership
Included with all

This Course Covers

Min 1 Exterior Body Cleaning
Techniques for an immaculate exterior, adapting to available resources.
Min 2 Windows and Door Frames
Effective cleaning for streak-free windows and pristine door jambs.
Min 3 Interior Touch Points
Sanitizing handles, controls, and surfaces for a spotless environment.
Min 4 Vacuuming
Comprehensive strategies for clean seats and floors, ensuring no spot is missed.
Min 5 Replace Amenities
Consistently refreshing amenities for a personalized passenger experience.
Min 6 Get in the backseat
Evaluating cleanliness and arrangement from the passenger's viewpoint.
Min 7 Final Inspection
Detailed walk-around and self-presentation check to maintain the highest standards.