Chauffeur Certification

The PAX Training Chauffeur Certification consists of six modules, a quiz after each module and a Final Exam. This ensures chauffeurs are ready to provide the highest levels of safety and service to their passengers. It empowers both new and experienced chauffeurs alike, with knowledge and confidence that they are ready to provide service and safety above and beyond what is expected of them.
Time to Complete
1 hour
Course Category
Required Membership
Included with all

This Course Covers

On Time
  • What is "On-Time" and why is it important.
  • Techniques like "Working Backwards" to be On-Time every time.
  • The Domino Effect and how to avoid it
The Chauffeur
  • What separates a "Chauffeur" from a "Driver".
  • 6 Key elements that make up a professional Chauffeur.
  • How to present yourself as a true Professional.
The Vehicle
  • Why cleanliness is vital to the customer experience.
  • Techniques for cleaning the interior and exterior of the vehicle.
  • Proper preparation setup for hosting passengers.
  • Utilizing trip details to prepare for each trip.
  • The importance of selecting and having multiple routes.
  • The dangers of relying too heavily on GPS.
  • Establishing a "Safety First" culture.
  • Understanding and accounting for vehicle size.
  • Safe driving practices in a multitude of conditions and situations.
Customer Service
  • best practices for chauffeurs.
  • Providing "Peace of Mind" with "Customer First" techniques.
  • Understanding how the 5 Senses can make or break a trip.