Passenger Endorsement Theory

This course is designed to help Training Providers of Entry-Level Driver Training meet the theory instruction requirements for a Passenger Endorsement. It covers the topics of each of the theory units as required under Appendix C to Part 380 - Passenger Endorsement Training Curriculum. It also includes quizzes after each unit that require an 80% or higher to pass, which can be used to help meet the requirements of ยง 380.715 Assessments.
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Entry-Level Driver Training
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This Course Covers

Unit C1.1 Post-Crash Procedures
Unit C1.2 Other Emergency Procedures
Unit C1.3 Vehicle Orientation
Unit C1.4 Pre-Trip, Enroute, and Post-Trip Inspection
Unit C1.5 Fueling
Unit C1.6 Idling
Unit C1.7 Baggage and/or Cargo Management
Unit C1.8 Passenger Safety Awareness Briefing
Unit C1.9 Passenger Management
Unit C1.10 Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance
Unit C1.11 Hours of Service (HOS) Requirements
Unit C1.12 Safety Belt Safety
Unit C1.13 Distracted Driving
Unit C1.14 Railroad (RR)-Highway Grade Crossings and Drawbridges
Unit C1.15 Weigh Stations
Unit C1.16 Security and Crime
Unit C1.17 Roadside Inspections
Unit C1.18 Penalties and Fines

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