Dispatcher Certification

Just like air traffic controllers, dispatchers are the nerve center of any professional driving organization. They are responsible for getting the right person in the right car to the right place at the right time. This course is designed to empower dispatchers to master the mindset they will need to be effective at what they do and make sure they are making smart dispatching decisions. They will also develop the strategic foresight to anticipate and address challenges before they come up. This course is a game-changer, ensuring that dispatchers don’t just manage tasks but excel at them.
Time to Complete
1.5hr - 2.5hr
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Office Staff
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This Course Covers

What is the Role of a Dispatcher?
Equip your dispatchers with a clear understanding of their integral role in your company. They'll grasp the significance of their decisions, the ripple effect on the fleet's efficiency, and their essential contribution to client satisfaction.
Monitoring Trips, Solving Problems
Empower your dispatchers with proactive monitoring tools and problem-solving strategies. They'll not only track trips effectively but also preemptively address potential issues, reducing delays and ensuring timely arrivals.
The Skills Top Dispatchers Share
Cultivate the attributes of industry-leading dispatchers in your team. They'll learn the art of multitasking, the importance of quick decision-making, and the value of maintaining a calm demeanor in high-pressure situations.
How the Dispatch Process Works
Immerse your dispatchers in the intricacies of the dispatch process, from initial booking to successful drop-off. They'll internalize best practices, ensuring seamless coordination between drivers, vehicles, and clients.
The Trip Board: Your Most Important Tool
Maximize the potential of the Trip Board in your operations. Dispatchers will become adept at optimizing schedules, reducing downtime, and ensuring that vehicles are always in the right place at the right time.
Why Adaptability and Problem-solving Skills Matter
Reinforce the necessity of adaptability in your dispatch team. They'll master the art of thinking on their feet, swiftly adapting to unforeseen challenges, and ensuring that solutions are quick and effective.
The Importance of Good Communication Skills
Enhance the communication prowess of your dispatchers. They'll refine their verbal and written communication, ensuring clarity with drivers and clients, and fostering an environment of trust and reliability.
How to Deliver Your Best on the Job
Instill a mindset of excellence in your dispatchers. From managing daily tasks to handling emergencies, they'll be equipped to perform at their peak, driving operational efficiency and client satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I purchase this course, can all of my current and future CSRs access it without additional purchases?
Yes! When you purchase this course, you're adding it to your existing PAX Training Membership, which allows its use for all your current and future Dispatchers within your company as long as your PAX Membership is active.
Do I need to have an active PAX Training Membership in order to purchase this course?
Yes, this course can only be purchased as an addition to an active PAX Training Membership. To learn more about our membership options, please visit our Memberships Page.