PAX Training Unveils CSR and Dispatcher Certifications

Wednesday, November 8th 2023

Luxury ground transportation isn’t just about the journey—it’s about the experience. Founded in 2015, PAX Training is the official training partner of the National Limousine Association and has consistently pushed to help raise the bar across the industry.

In response to resounding industry demand for in-office training, complementing on-road expertise, PAX Training is proud to unveil two highly-anticipated certifications crafted specifically for Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) and Dispatchers.

Customer Service Representative

The Customer Service Representative (CSR) Certification redefines how frontline staff interact with clientele. Beyond needed skills, this certification emphasizes the essential thought processes a CSR must possess. From effectively tailoring communication strategies for different customer types to mastering the nuances of quoting and booking, the course ensures CSRs don’t just respond but anticipate and craft unparalleled experiences.


In parallel, the Dispatcher Certification molds the minds of dispatchers to think beyond mere scheduling. The course instills the importance of proactive trip monitoring, strategic decision-making, and efficient problem-solving. No matter the software or operational specifics, dispatchers are trained to internalize best practices and apply a globally relevant thought process, ensuring peak fleet efficiency and client satisfaction.

“Our team has worked diligently to bring these transformative courses to fruition,” says James Blain, President of PAX Training. “We’re not teaching mere tasks; we’re instilling a mindset — a way of thinking, of adapting, that turns any challenge into an opportunity. It’s not just about doing the job; it’s about mastering it, no matter the curveballs.”

Existing PAX Training Members can seamlessly integrate these certifications into their existing membership at an investment of $499 each, empowering limitless employee certifications.

Recognizing the harmonized value of these certifications, PAX Training is offering a limited-time bundle, allowing members to add both certifications to their membership at a special one-time investment of $899. Highlighting PAX Training’s unwavering commitment to exceptional value and their vision of industry-wide excellence.

You can reach the PAX Training team at 888.241.8268 or through our contact page.

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