If you are a PAX Company Member or thinking about upgrading to a Company Membership, one of the questions you may have is, “What courses should I create?”. The first thing to keep in mind about creating your own courses is that the sky really is the limit. You can make as few or as many as you need. In this post we will walk you through some of the courses you may want to create for your company. As always we recommend that for the base of your training you use the courses available in the PAX Library of Courses.

HR & Initial Onboarding

Some members choose to roll all their Human Resources onboarding into one course with multiple modules each with an “I agree” at the end. The only thing worth noting with this approach is that you can’t use each module in dually since you have to assign the whole course.

  • Attendance Policy
  • Dress Code
  • Time Off and/or Benefits
  • Drug & Alcohol Policy

These are just some of the courses you may want to cover. If you have a employee manual or new hire packet there are many sign offs and other items that you can quickly and easily convert into PAX courses!

Orientation and General Training

When it comes to welcoming a new hiring to your company one of the most important things you need is “buy in”. If you’re not able to to indoctrinate them and get them excited about working for your company you are setting yourself up for an uphill battle later with retention.

  • Introduction with General Company Background
  • Preparing for a workday ( checking trips, expected personal presentation, etc. )
  • Arriving at the office ( what is expected of them before picking up vehicles )
  • Using Common Sense ( common situations and how you want them handled )

Your goal is to lay the groundwork for what is expected of them and why being a employee at your company is different.

Location Specifics

  • Major Airports
  • Private Airports and FBOs
  • Stadiums
  • Other Major Pick up / Drop off locations

Client Specifics

If you have a client that has procedures that differ from your regular clients, you would have a course for each, for example you may have an air line crew pick up / drop off course.

  • Vehicles ( Pre & Post )
  • Sedan
  • SUV
  • Sprinter
  • Mini-Bus
  • Coach Bus
  • Refueling & returning vehicles
  • Cleaning the vehicle
  • General Vehicle Post Trip Checklist

With vehicles also keep in mind you may want to cover things like how to operate TV’s and AV equipment on sprinters and larger vehicles.

Keep in mind that some of these may be short and sweet and that is ok. Your goal is to ensure that you cover everything a driver needs and that all your drivers get the same training.


Although we have only scratched the surface hopefully we have your creative juices flowing. If you haven’t already you may want to take a look at our creating courses article that will help you learn how to put put together your own courses.

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